The new Energy IoT & Artificial Intelligence cloud/edge hardware-software platform for the simple and immediate use of energy data.

The new benchmark in the market of Software energy monitoring.

EXACTO integrates hardware, software and data from external systems.

Main features and functionality:

Efficient and simplified data management

  • Monitoring and management of any type of data Energy variables Physical and environmental variables Performance, management and economic parameters.
  • Data acquisition from sources and heterogeneous systems (PLC, SCADA, BMS,, etc…).
  • Complete management of the energy assets of each site.
  • Support for a wide range of devices IoT Gateway of PHPower and 3rd parties.
  • Equipment life cycle management: configuration and commissioning technical monitoring.
  • Punctual monitoring of the quantities of interest.
  • Automatic processing of aggregate values derived from measurements at 1 min. (quarter-hourly, hourly, daily data etc.).
  • Availability of different data export methods.
  • Management of multiple companies and sites from the same interface.
  • Import database and external data sets

Visualize interactive data

  • Customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Reports that are customizable by the client, in addition to the default ones.
  • Management of the energy assets graph.
  • Defining the assets of a site and their relationship in terms of exchanged energy flows.

Analyze full 360°

  • Processing of virtual gauges and KPIs, for more effective monitoring and in-depth analysis.
  • Algorithm optimization based on the real operating conditions detected on the systems.

  • Advanced features for statistical data analysis, automatic clustering and classification of consumption profiles, also through Machine Learning.

Intelligent remote management

  • Telecontrol of systems and loads.
  • Automatic chrono-programmed implementation.
  • Automatic chrono-programmed implementations (schedulers) and/or on an event basis.
  • Automatic implementation based on statistical analysis and machine learning.

Smart real-time notification

  • Configuring custom alarms.
  • Historicization and notification of detected event.
  • Technical alarms, custom alarms, implementation event.
  • Integrazione con applicazione di gestione degli interventi di manutenzione.

  • Scheduling of activities.

Technical support

  • Dedicated App for the coordination of maintenance and installation activities.
  • Integration with maintenance management application.

The 4 distinctive features of EXACTO

EXACTO supports energy efficiency and plant management partners to further enhance their business.

Are you in the field of energy efficiency and consultancy or system maintenance and management?

With EXACTO you have an innovative white-label solution, keys in hand, to better manage energy efficiency projects and differentiate yourself.

Are you a hardware manufacturer hardware or software distributor / data-analysis?

With EXACTO you have the possibility to easily integrate your technological solutions and distribute them in our sales channel.

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